Elite Software Corp.

Accounting Escrow Compliance Software

Designed to Keep You in State Compliance

in Every State in the U.S.

Don't get caught up being unprepared for your state audit.  Make the monthly tasks of escrow journaling and the preparation
of your monthly
state report requirements
simple and easy. 

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Elite Software Corp's

NEW Online Accounting Escrow Compliance Software

We make it simple to keep you in state compliance.

The ONLY  approved software for Real Estate Sales in every state in the U.S.

Also approved for Real Estate Management.

Elite Software's trust account software is easy to use, tech supported and has a customer service team that will guide you every step of the way entering all your data, so you will be caught up-to-date with all your escrow transactions. 

  • Escrow Journal and Ledger Cards for each transaction.
  • Detail Master Log for multiple Escrow Trust Accounts.
  • Property Ledger Cards for inputting all pertinent info relating to each transaction including attachments for Listing, Sales, Leasing Contracts and more.  
  • Broker or Business Ledger Cards for maintaining personal funds for additional fees.
  • Chart of Accounts so you can generate reports each month by date range on all your properties.
  • Real Estate Agent Maintenance Records and Alarms for due dates.
  • Monthly Reconciliation Worksheet which can be completed in just minutes and proves your monthly Bank Statement ending balance (+) the Outstanding Deposits (-) the Outstanding Withdrawals (=) the Reconciled Bank Balance and at the same time, takes the Broker Ledger Card balance (+) all Property Ledger Card balances (=) the Escrow Journal Balance which (=) the Reconciled Bank Balance.  
  • Ten auto generated N.C. State Required Reconciliation Statement Reports that you need printed each month to ensure and prove you’re in state compliance.
  • Check Writing and so much more.

Our Accounting Escrow Compliance Software was originally developed specifically for Real Estate Brokers to ensure they stayed in state compliance with their trust accounts.  Since then, other updates were made.

Now Attorneys, Property Owners and Managers, Business Owners and even Title Companies have purchased the software all over the country.  Everything you need
for Escrow Trust Account Journaling is included. 

A detailed journal for multiple accounts, individual property ledger cards, broker or business ledger card, internal register and a detailed reconciliation worksheet to balance your accounts to the penny.  Finally, included in the software, you have a variety of detailed reports for printing. 

At a glance, any auditor could see from the reports available that your business' escrow trust account is in perfect escrow compliance.  Our Software is Escrow Accounting Compliant for every state in the US and Canada.